San Bernardino Seal

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 – 09:00 a.m.

It took the San Bernardino City Council long enough to figure out that a special district parcel tax, part of a plan to fund the county taking over the city’s fire department, was nothing more than a tax grab.

In other words. After converting to county-provided fire suppression service and raking in millions per year under a new non-voter approved parcel tax, the city would essentially free-up cash flow somewhat less than the estimated $7.4 million the parcel tax is expected to generate.

In essence. The city-to-county conversion is more expensive than what the fire department is currently costing the city. But the conversion, supported by an existing special fire protection district tax, would free up general fund money back to the city budget.

Now several council members are rightfully questioning the bait and switch.

It’s nothing more than a tax grab shrouded in a public safety trim. But in the end it’s just another tax.

The city has a duty to be up front with its residents.

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