Friday, February 26, 2016 – 10:30 a.m.

It was time for Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio to try and deliver a blow to front-runner Donald J. Trump on Thursday night.

It didn’t work.

The three candidates participated in the 10th Republican Debate along with Ohio Governor John Kasich and Retired Pediatric Neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

Yes. It’s been ten debates so far.

Thursday’s escapades were the most eventful and watched in some time now.

In the end probably not much has changed. Trump is in command. Trump will be the nominee. Trump will win the presidency.

There seems to be absolutely no recognition by Cruz or Rubio, or the so-called GOP establishment for that matter, that republican voters have had enough with business-as-usual in D.C.

The point? It doesn’t matter how hard one hits Trump. It will not hurt him.

The following recent state-by-state polling numbers below pretty much say just that.

STATE            CANDIDATE   %     LEAD
Alabama          Trump     32.5    21.0%
Florida          Trump     44.5    18.0%
Georgia          Trump     37.0    15.7%
Illinois         Trump     38.0    17.0%
Massachusetts    Trump     45.0    27.5%
Michigan         Trump     41.0    23.0%
New Jersey       Trump     38.0    27.0%
North Carolina   Trump     31.0    12.3%
Ohio             Trump     31.0     5.0%
Oklahoma         Trump     29.0     8.0%
Pennsylvania     Trump     21.0     3.0%
Texas            Cruz      34.0     7.2%
Vermont          Trump     32.0    15.0%
Virginia         Trump     39.5    18.5%
West Virginia    Trump     40.0    20.0%
Wisconsin        Trump     30.0    10.0%
Source: Real Clear Politics

In the Reuters Rolling 5-Day Tracking Poll, Trump is at 41.2% nationally. The latest reading was on February 23.