Campaign 2016

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 – 09:00 a.m.

Following GOP Donald Trump’s highly-energetic South Carolina debate performance last Saturday night came renewed assertions from the establishment talking heads that the billionaire was, once again finished.

Yes. Finished with a capital “F”.

Well. Those expert opinions appear to have been wrong again.

Trump will easily win North Carolina and Nevada.

All I know is I wish I could get paid the money that these blind “in-denial” idiots get paid for being so wrong, and so blind, and so arrogant.

All the post debate polling data has Trump holding or incrementally increasing his lead in South Carolina.

In Nevada, a new poll has Trump up big.

Nationally, Trump has hit his highest level ever in the widely-respected Quinnipiac University Poll.

Here’s the latest numbers:

In the Real Clear Politics average of South Carolina polling has Trump at 35%. That’s double second place Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, who is at 17.5%.

I won’t mention the rest since it’s meaningless at this point.

The new twist here is Trump is making a play for democrat and independent voters in the open primary.

In Nevada, a CNN/ORC Poll, released Tuesday, has Trump at 45%. That’s a 26-point lead over second place Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, who is at 19%.

Now the national polling has become interesting.

The Quinnipiac Poll has Trump at his highest level ever at 39%.

Trump is trailed by Rubio (19%), Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (18%), Ohio Governor John Kasich (6%), Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (4%) and Retired Pediatric Neurosurgeon Ben Carson (4%).

In the Reuters Rolling 5-Day National Tracking Poll, Trump is at 40.8% nationally.

The next closet is Cruz at 16.9%.

I’ve said this over and over again. Trump has played this masterfully. he’s a marketing genius, who is running circles around his competition. If you can even call them that.

The Trump phenomenon is like nothing witnessed in modern politics.

This probably explains why the veteran conservative establishment-types can’t fathom the idea of a Trump victory.