New Hampshire Flag

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 – 09:00 a.m.

GOP Front-runner Donald Trump is now the official front-runner after his strong New Hampshire Primary Election victory Tuesday night.

The most interesting theme when browsing all those shocked faces on cable news Tuesday, was that some of these people actually thought Trump would terribly under-perform the polls.

But it was more like praying that he would.

Instead Trump over-performed the average of the latest polling by four percentage points, and more than doubled second place finisher Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Trump will likely get a decent polling bump out of his victory, which will help him in heavily-contested South Carolina on February 20.

South Carolina is a “winner-take-all primary” state, which means that whomever finishes first wins all 50 GOP delegates.

In dated polling, conducted in mid-January, Trump was leading the filed with 36.0%. Trump was followed by Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (19.7%), Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (12.7%) and Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (10.0%).

We’ll see what new polling in the state shows later this week.

On the democrat side. Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (60.1%) slaughtered former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (38.2%).

But the Sanders victory will be short-lived.

Clinton is heavily-favored to win Nevada on February 20 and South Carolina on February 27.

But Sanders victory put on display just how vulnerable Clinton really is.