Capitol Alert
By Jim Miller
February 5, 2016 2:06 PM

  • Finance reports show lawmakers have $40 million to spend in election year
  • Legislators collectively had about $3.4 million in outstanding debt Dec. 31.
  • Searchable database shows how much each member has

Members of the California Legislature began the election year with more than $40 million cash on hand after raising about $39 million last year, according to campaign reports filed this week.

About 69 percent of the contributions went to the Legislature’s majority Democrats, with the rest donated to Republicans.

Lawmakers began 2015 with about $23 million cash on hand and collectively ended the year with about $17 million more in almost 400 campaign committees. They reported about $49 million in campaign contributions, but about $10.7 million of those reflected some lawmakers’ transfer of money from one campaign account to another and not actual campaign donations.

The filings showed that lawmakers spent about $31 million. Top expenses included consultants, fundraising firms, airlines and political lawyers, the filings show.

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