Saturday, February 6, 2016 – 12:00 p.m.

There are new rumblings of political dissension at the San Bernardino County Government Center.

The latest silly brouhaha is over embattled First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood’s 2016 reelection bid.

Lovingood, who has announced opponents coming out of his ears, has garnered the backing of pretty much all of his colleagues.

In this case were talking real backing, along with a dose of usual pressure.

So far there is reports that Board Chairman and Third District Supervisor James Ramos is making calls to donors in an effort to cutoff funding to Lovingood’s opponents.

But for Ramos to do this is no surprise. Since he has a pattern of making these calls on behalf of himself and his allies.

Reportedly one local residential developer has obliged Ramos’ request. It should be noted that this isn’t the first time this very same developer has carried out Ramos’ wishes.

Next we have a reported spat between Fourth District Supervisor Curt Hagman and Second District Supervisor Janice Rutherford.

Rutherford appears to have reportedly lectured Hagman over one of his staffers helping out the campaign of a Lovingood opponent.

But one thing is abundantly clear in all of this. The county, where strong-arming is commonplace, still can’t seem to keep its own house in order.

The other neighboring county boards must roll their collective eyes at the crap that goes on in San Bernardino County government and political circles.