By Rene Ray De La Cruz, Staff Writer
Posted Jan. 24, 2016 at 1:05 PM

HESPERIA — After a year of discussion and debate by the public, the City Council is finally expected to vote on the proposed Tapestry project on Tuesday at City Hall.

The meeting is the continuation of the public hearing that was scheduled on Jan. 16 at the Hesperia High School cafeteria. The six-hour long meeting was continued to Jan. 19 and finally to Tuesday to insure that residents had adequate notice to attend the meeting, according to the City of Hesperia.

On Jan. 16, an estimated 400 people attended the special meeting, with the majority of some 60 speakers against the proposed master-planned community for southeast Hesperia and wanting the project to be decided by a public vote.

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Bill Holland gave a stern warning to those who plan on attending the next Tapestry meeting and future meetings.

He said the mission of the Council is to see that the business of the city is conducted and to allow everyone, regardless of what position they hold on any subject, to share their thoughts without the fear of others who would try to disrupt the meeting.

Holland said the meeting on Jan. 16 “degenerated” when it was taken over by a group that was “loud and disruptive” as they shouted over speakers, “booed and hissed,” and brought attention to themselves.

“Mark my words, that behavior will not be tolerated on my watch,” Holland told the Daily Press. “And free speech can be exercised on a public sidewalk, not during a City Council meeting where we’re all governed by proper protocol. I apologize for letting it get out of hand.”

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