Donald Trump

New polling data suggests that Billionaire GOP Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump is building new momentum in early voting states, including Iowa.

Sunday, January 24, 2016 – 10:30 a.m.

A large polling data release on Sunday morning has GOP Front-runner Donald Trump fully in the lead in all early voting states.

Polls released by Fox News and CBS are ruling the airwaves, of course that’s next to the fading East Coast Blizzard coverage.

Here’s the breakdown:

Fox News has Trump at 34-percent in Iowa. That’s an 11-percent lead over Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

In New Hampshire, Trump is at 31-percent, followed by Cruz at 14-percent.

Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, who is struggling to find footing, is a close third place to Cruz in both states.

Absent a close miracle. All the other GOP candidates are essentially finished at this point.

The CBS/YouGov polling, which covers more state contests, has even more good news for Trump, with just one week before the Iowa caucus.

Here are those results:

Iowa – Trump 39-percent: +5 points over Cruz

New Hampshire – Trump 34-percent: +18 over Cruz

South Carolina – Trump 40-percent: +19 over Cruz

Florida – Trump 41-percent: +19 over Cruz

Georgia – Trump 39-percent: +10 over Cruz

In Cruz’s home state of Texas it’s a different story. Cruz can feel good for the moment. He’s at 45-percent. That’s a 15 point lead over Trump.

But should Trump run the table on the early state’s Texas will likely fall in line.

The Reuters/Ipsos rolling 5-day tracking poll has Trump above 40-percent nationally.

On the Democrat side of the coin, Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is neck and neck with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Iowa.

But it’s a different picture in New Hampshire, where Sanders still commands a double-digit lead over Clinton.

But South Carolina democrats are leaning heavily toward Clinton. A theme Clinton is banking on to blow out Sanders across the south and west.

The breaking news of Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is toying with a run is new entertainment. But Bloomberg, who tried to ban soft drinks and guns as mayor of New York City, says he won’t enter if Clinton appears able to secure nomination.

So far a Clinton candidacy appears viable.

Nevertheless. A Bloomberg candidacy, because of his views, would likely hurt the democrat ticket.