Panic Button

Friday, January 21, 2016 – 10:00 a.m.

The attack on GOP Front-runner Donald Trump by the editor’s of the National Review is, well, to be blunt, quite rich to say the least.

In a compendium of columns, that frankly no everyday voters will read or care about, the bunch of pundits essentially fall back to the “Listen to us. We know what’s best for you and the country.” mantra.

A tactic that hasn’t worked to date.

Remember. These are the folks that peddle annual cruises so their readers can spend time listening to them drone on about their expert opinions about how to control the country.

It’s interesting how this group of self-proclaimed intellectuals is on the verge of committing suicide, as it looks extremely likely that Donald Trump will be the republican nominee for president of the United States.

I mean these people are losing their minds.

Recent polling out of Iowa has Trump surging with voters. The average of January polls in the state has Trump up 2.6% over Ted Cruz.

Ten days ago Cruz was leading.

No other “conservative” feel-good candidate is even in the game in any other state.

The latest poll, by CNN/ORC, has Trump up 11% over Cruz in Iowa.

But remember it’s Iowa, and those caucuses are strange to say the least. So anything can happen.

Pretty much every recent poll in other early voting states has Trump leading. In national polling, Trump is blowing everyone else out.

Combine the above with talk that republican money heavyweights are considering jumping onto the Trump bandwagon and the ‘uber’ panic intensifies.

I’ve said this for months. Voters are angry at both political party’s. They’re tired of getting lied to. They’re willing to try an outsider. Call it an experiment, flirtation or whatever.

It’s real.

The bottom-line is Trump looks headed for the nomination, and possibly the presidency.

If either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders wind up being his opponent in the general election, then a President Donald J. Trump may be in the cards.

It’s time for the educated intellect to get over it!