Tuesday, January 19, 2016 – 08:00 a.m.

In less than two weeks the presidential primary cycle will commence and GOP front-runner Donald Trump has maintained or expanded his lead in the polls.

Trump has started edging Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz in the state of Iowa. Trump has polled ahead of Cruz in four out of the last six polls conducted in the state. An average of all six polls gives Trump a 1.1% lead over Cruz.

In the other early-voting states of New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada has wide margins over the other candidates.

Trump has been hovering around the forty-percent threshold in the Reuters/Ipsos 5-Day Rolling Daily Tracking Poll.

That’s more than two and a half times Cruz, who is at 16.7%. All other contenders are in single digits.

In other states, recent polling in Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland and Florida, has Trump handily in the lead.

Trump is expected to be endorsed by Jerry Falwell, Jr. this afternoon, which should give him a boost with Evangelical voters.

Former Alaska Governor and GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin is also expected to give Trump the nod, which will pull along her segment of Tea party followers.

At this point the nomination is Trump’s to throw away. But that’s unlikely to happen given Trump’s popularity and marketing prowess.

But most importantly, he wants to win.