Debbie Stone+Gino Filippi+Carol Timm

(Debbie Stone, Gino Filippi, Carol Timm / Courtesy Photos)

By Liset Marquez, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Posted: 01/15/16 – 8:02 PM PST |

UPLAND >> Three months after voting to change the city’s guiding development plan, three Upland City Council members are facing a recall attempt.

Back in September, residents had threatened to oust the entire council if Upland’s general plan — the city’s blueprint for development — was approved. It was, on a 3-1 vote, with Carol Timm Debbie Stone and Gino Filippi in favor and Councilman Glenn Bozar opposed. Mayor Ray Musser was absent

On Tuesday, the council members who cast an “aye” vote were put on notice that a group of residents intends to circulate a recall petition.

The petition claims the council members “participated in a deception perpetrated on residents, by city employees and outside planners, that optional parts of the general plan were required by law, even fabricating fake reporting requirements.”

The plan had sparked an outcry, with dozens of residents believing it pushed a political agenda. The residents presented the council with more than 500 signatures in opposition, asking the city provide more time for input.

The city last changed its general plan in 1992. An update has been in the works since 2008.

As approved Sept. 15, the plan anticipates the population to grow from 2014’s count of 76,043 to 81,462 by 2035.

Foothill Boulevard was changed to accommodate mixed-use, residential/commercial structures. More industrial development was targeted for College Heights, while the southeast portion of the city will continue to feature housing, as well as commercial and office mixed uses.

“Upland’s general plan is a planning tool to help guide our city for future stability and success period. I stand by my vote,” Filippi said Friday.

The Upland Planning Commission and City Council thoroughly reviewed the planning document, Timm said. It was “overwhelmingly approved by all but one person after months of deliberation.”

She added that she “diligently examined the issues and voted in the best interest of our whole community.”

Among the complaints against Stone, the petition claims she “supported her boyfriend’s demeaning comments against residents who opposed the plan at the council and commission meetings.”

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