The politically powerful California Nurses Association announced Wednesday that it is endorsing Gavin Newsom for governor nearly three full years before the general election contest.

Cathleen Decker
December 6, 2015

Two things were evident amid the fusillades of confetti and extended glad-handing at last week’s endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom by the politically powerful California Nurses Assn.

One was the importance of timing. The other was the impact of vengeance.

It looked, as the lieutenant governor said, like an election night celebration — a hotel ballroom littered with bits of paper lofting skyward, shrieks of approval at everything Newsom said, 35 minutes of adulation and picture-taking from the mostly female audience he waded into after his speech.

And all for a race that will not be decided until November 2018.

Right after those theatrics, however, the matter of timing arose in the most horrific way, as news spread of the mass shooting at a holiday party in San Bernardino. As Newsom spoke to reporters, authorities in the Inland Empire desperately searched for the attackers.

“What more evidence do you need that we need to step it up as it relates to gun safety in the state?” Newsom asked. “It’s just unacceptable what’s going on in this country, and California needs to lead the way. … Today’s tragedy just reinforces the imperative to not wait around for Congress to do their job — but for this state to do its job.”

By that he meant approving a measure he’s pushing for the 2016 ballot that would, among other things, outlaw possession of large ammunition magazines and require background checks on any ammunition. He announced the measure one month ago.

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