San Bernardino Seal

Monday, November 23, 2015 – 08:30 a.m.

It sure appears as if San Bernardino still can’t get out of its own way.

As if the city’s beleaguered residents having to endure the stigma of a never-ending bankruptcy proceeding isn’t bad enough.

The latest development? The city will now part ways with three-year City Manager Allen J. Parker.

Yep! Another city manager bites the dust again.

To date, San Bernardino, has spent an inordinately long period of time in Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy proceedings. One can only imagine that Meredith Jury, the U.S. Bankruptcy Judge overseeing the case, isn’t too thrilled over this latest development.

What makes it even more pathetic is the Parker’s departure is purely politically-driven.

Even though the currently comprised city government composition has been less politically-bloodthirsty that prior regime’s, the trait would appear to be inherent. It’s no secret that there remains much behind-the-scenes gamesmanship taking place.

If the odds for city’s of having its eternal bankruptcy petition dismissed weren’t high already, they just moved higher.

The only recent positive development occurred last week when the city finally outsourced its refuse collection services. A revenue-generating move that should have happened long ago.

The city council, in addition to ineptly showing Parker the door,  graciously agreed to give him a one-year severance package.

Whatever the reasons for forcing Parker out, it’s not a favorable situation for all involved.