Saturday, November 14, 2015 – 09:30 a.m.

Local radio and newspaper outlets continue to cover the saga of former San Bernardino County Human Resources Andrew Lamberto.

Los Angeles-based Radio stations KFI-AM 640, KEIB-AM 1150 and San Bernardino-based KTIE-AM 590 continue to cover the story, which should taper off this weekend, with the French terror attacks more than likely knocking the issue from news coverage.

For readers who haven’t kept up. Lamberto was the Human Resources Director for San Bernardino County, who convicted for his arrest in a March 2015 Orange County prostitution sting.

The incident became public in October after it was leaked to local blog

Purportedly, only county lawyers and Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux knew of the situation. County supervisors allegedly were not informed.

Devereaux, according to all accounts, disciplined Lamberto and placed him on what is known as a “Last Chance” agreement, after being informed of the incident by Lamberto himself. Even though Lamberto was an “At-Will” exempt employee. The “At-Will” designation means he (Lamberto) can be fired with or without cause with fourteen days notice.

The aforementioned disciplinary agreement has lead to a “settlement-related” severance package comprised of essentially seven months continuation of full salary and benefits. This means full leave accrual, which will be cashed out and made pensionable prior to termination.

KFI-AM is reporting the package is valued at $337,000 plus additional leave accruals.