Monday, October 26, 2015 – 04:30 p.m.

As much as San Bernardino County officials would like to believe to the contrary. Last week’s revelation of the public agency’s human resources director’s guilty plea to solicitation of prostitution has grown legs with Southern California media outlets.

Over the weekend Los Angeles-based KCBS TV-2 ran a full segment on the scandal, and the fact that HR Director Andrew Lamberto, who was caught in a March 2015 prostitution sting, was purportedly disciplined and allowed to keep his job.

Then local newspapers reported that County Chief Executive Officer Gregory Devereaux admitted that he never informed county supervisors of the incident until it broke last week on local blogs.

A move that essentially makes the governing body of five elected officials, who years ago handed over full control to Devereaux, appear like a bunch of country bumpkins!

Today, Los Angeles-based talk radio powerhouse KFI AM-640 started airing the story every half-hour.

Everyone can expect at least a couple of the stations talk shows to discuss the debacle on air.

Unlike the local newspaper outlets, the county can’t muscle and cajole L.A. market media stations.

To listen to the KCBS segment, click here.