Fox News

Saturday, October 17, 2015 – 12:00 p.m.

It was bound to happen at some point.

Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly has taken a hit over her battle with GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Prior to the Fox News GOP Debate held in August, Fox’s Kelly, host of “The Kelly File”, was giving Bill O’Reilly’s show, “The O’Reilly Factor”, a run for its money in ratings. At times, Kelly was actually besting O’Reilly.

But of course this was all prior to the Fox News GOP Presidential debate held in August.

A tipping point where, for some bizarre reason, Kelly consciously-embarked on her widely-discussed “gotcha” approach to dealing with Mr. Trump.

The splash lasted for weeks, with the back-and-forth bluster between the network and Trump going non-stop.

Since then, Trump has strengthened. He’s leading the polls in essentially every state.

But things don’t appear as bright for Kelly’s ascent.

Yes. Kelly is pulling the number two spot in the most recent cable news ratings numbers, and that is an accomplishment to say the least. But her show is now on the verge of falling into third place behind “Special Report with Brett Baier”, and “The Five” also closing in the rear-view mirror.

The two later shows run two and three hours before The Kelly File’s prime time spot, which is now down 700,000-plus viewers to O’Reilly, which airs right before Kelly.

But did the whole Trump ordeal have an affect on how Kelly is seen by viewers? The answer is starting to look like yes it did.

Viewers are watching O’Reilly and then going elsewhere.

It would be reasonable to think Trump has a big grin on his face over this one. But maybe it’s time for him to leave it alone.

Here’s the latest numbers, courtesy of The Drudge Report:

THURSDAY, OCT 15, 2015
FOXNEWS   O'REILLY    2,820,000
FOXNEWS   KELLY       2,101,000
FOXNEWS   BAIER       2,006,000
FOXNEWS   FIVE        1,934,000
FOXNEWS   GRETA       1,670,000
FOXNEWS   HANNITY     1,488,000
MSNBC     MADDOW      1,031,000
CMDY      DAILY SHOW    829,000
MSNBC     HAYES         808,000
MSNBC     HARDBALL      870,000
MSNBC     ODONNELL      696,000
CNN       COOPER        572,000