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Real Clear Politics (AP): Deep Seated Anger Helps Trump Defy Political Gravity

Real Clear Politics

By Jill Colvin
September 7, 2015

NORWOOD, Mass. (AP) — Donald Trump insults and exaggerates.

He dismisses the need for public policy ideas, gets confused about world affairs and sometimes says things that flat-out aren’t true.

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Pete Aguilar

As of Friday, Rep. Pete Aguilar, D-San Bernardino, center, has sponsored two bills in the House of Representatives during the 114th Congress. Staff File Photo

By Beau Yarbrough, The Sun
Posted: 09/06/15 – 8:30 PM PDT |

When the House of Representatives and the Senate return to work in Washington on Tuesday, all of the legislators representing the Inland Empire have something in common: None of them have had any bills signed into law this year.

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Dan Walters

By Dan Walters
September 6, 2015

  • A sixth of state’s workers are union members
  • Labor wields a big stick in the Capitol
  • Union political power faces two big threats

Only a sixth of California’s 15 million wage and salary workers belong to labor unions, most of them government workers.

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Capitol Alert
By Jim Miller
September 6, 2015

  • Several tribal-state agreements in mid-2000’s included money for state
  • Court decision deemed such payments illegal taxation
  • Tribes happier with Jerry Brown than they were with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, beginning with the recall campaign and on through his two terms in office, repeatedly linked the state’s tribal casino business to state finances.

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