Donald Trump

Thursday, August 27, 2015 – 09:00 a.m.

The trend continues to favor Billionaire Candidate Donald Trump.

A new poll by Quinnipiac University has Trump at 28%.

The poll also supports an upward trend for Trump appearing in a Reuters/Ipsos poll released last Friday.

The closet other candidate is Ben Carson at 12%. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush continues his fall into the tank at an astounding 7%.

The 17-candidate GOP filed has essentially boiled down to Trump, Carson, Bush, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, former HP CEO Carly Fiorina and Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Walker, of the aforementioned eight candidates, is currently on a steep downward trajectory.

Unless something dramatic occurs, you can forget the remainder of the field.

It’s been rather entertaining to watch GOP establishment-types and the regular bag of political television pundits nearly explode over the continued rise of Trump.

The strategy of telling voters how to think and who to like by proclamation hasn’t worked. One might expect Columnist George Will’s head to explode on live television this weekend.

Fox News Pollster Frank Luntz, who declared Trump dead, literally stomping him into the ground, the evening of the first GOP debate, did an about face earlier this week. Luntz declared Trump was here to stay.

Luntz went even further by saying he could actually win the nomination.

It’s an example of a changing view of Trump.

Expect Trump’s momentum to continue to build as supporters of other anti-establishment switch candidates.