Sunday, August 23, 2015 – 11:00 a.m.

The new Reuters/Ipsos poll covering the republican presidential primary contest has opened some eyes this weekend.

It shows Donald Trump surging forward to 32% support.

When polled with only Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Retired Neurosurgeon Ben Carson in the survey, Trump climbs to 44%.

Further polling this week will either confirm or refute the new data. But it feels like it could be accurate.

With Labor Day just two weeks away, Trump’s momentum isn’t slowing, and his campaign event crowds are growing in size, while he continues to take the oxygen away from the others in the field. Bush and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker are trying to some extent to mimic Trump’s style, But it’s not working.

Already Former Texas Governor Rick Perry and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are viewed as being on life support.

It won’t be long before the field starts to officially thin out.

Voters appear to want a fixer as their next president and the other contenders fail to grasp that possibility.