Waste Basket

Daily Press

Sunday, August 23, 2015 – 10:30 a.m.

We now have a front and center example of just how co-opted The Sun and Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspapers really are.

On Sunday, the Daily Press began publishing the first of a three-part opinion editorial, addressing a high-profile San Bernardino County legal issue of public concern. The remaining parts will publish on Monday and Tuesday.

Both aforementioned Inland Empire newspapers, publications of The Los Angeles Newspaper Group, reportedly declined to print the column. The reason given was the information had already been written about, and was old news.

In reality it’s called spiking a story into the trash.

But the editor of the Daily Press viewed the situation quite differently and didn’t hesitate at all.

It was determined that the information had never been written about.

Whatever politics were involved here, it’s a disappointing, disgraceful and unethical way for certain newspapers to behave.

To read the Daily Press column, click here.