The Sun

Monday, August 3, 2015 – 08:00 a.m.

The Apologist, oops we mean The Sun newspaper, was hard at work supporting one of its favorite politicos this weekend.

But, once again, it would appear the publications readers have a different view.

The first article titled “DA Mike Ramos touts experience in attorney general bid” amounts to what is essentially a puff piece, highlights the whopping $66,300 Ramos has amassed. The article does at least quote sources who say the following: “Outside San Bernardino County, practically nobody in the general public has ever heard of Mike Ramos” and “Ramos seems to be trying to avoid being overlooked in favor of candidates in major urban areas, but I would still describe him as an underdog.”

The second story “DA Ramos defends decision to not charge Redlands Unified in Whitehurst case” is somewhat bizarre, because it revisits a questionable and unpopular decision.

Here’s what readers have to say on the newspaper’s Facebook page:

Colleen Kearns: No way….you’ve done a lousy job in San Bernardino

Bill Tuck Jr: First The Reporter did an Exilent Job! What we got was DA Ramos in his own words. No questions were asked! To me he has been the worst DA Imaginable. But the last three Attorney Generals have been just as Bad as DA Ramos! So he will be The Dream come t…See More

Tracylyn Sharrit: This may seem self serving but you are one of the very few elected officials in San Bernardino that we the people can rely on. Don’t GO. … we need you.

Michael Kelly: You have the experience of letting drunks out of jail who get to keep their licenses, only to hit & kill someone. You have the experience of looking the other way when the cops are violating the Constitution. If corruption and incompetence are considered essentials for State office, you’re qualified!

Patricia Rosado: “Hell NO! Mafioso!”

Oscar Vazquez: “Why won’t he charge the pedophile Whitehurst?”

Thomas Paradox Montana: “As my tia once said ” ooowie no “!”

Peter Rivas: “Redlands Unified–Laura Whitehurst”-enough said”

Rene Escobar: “This guy is a joke lol”

Christine Wright: “The same model…..?????”

Dave Van Buren: “He’s a political hack. He will say anything to further his career.”

Diana Daly Quintero: “No darn way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Eric De La Garza: “Ramos isn’t even trying to hide his corruption”

Lele Heathcote: “The sooner San Bernardino County rids itself of Ramos and his cronies the better.”

Greg Alvarez: “its not what cha know but WHO u know…Ramos should be investigated by the feds immediatly!”

Loraine Bailor: “What part of “mandated reporter” do they not understand… It means you MUST REPORT or be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties… Parents of that boy, I’d sue!!”

Patricia Rosado: “He is so mafia affiliated”

Tommy Tapia: “And he wants to run for the State Attorney General’s office SMH”

Sonia Acosta: “Oh this is a Tragedy..Whatever are you thinking Ramos? Just because this sex predator is the daughter of Redlands Unified Whitehurst she just gets a slap on the hand and a love child from the Victim? I would love to know where is the Justice and Dignit…See More”

Meghan Martinez: “Wow”

Tough words!