Gas Prices

Sunday, July 26, 2015 – 10:30 a.m.

Sure! California gasoline prices really are falling. At least that’s what the newspaper headlines say.

According to website, the average price of regular unleaded in the state fell just .001 cents per gallon since Friday. In the Inland Empire, the cheapest seller of detergent regular unleaded gasoline is Costco.

Costco, which peaked at $3.88, now sit at $3.77 per gallon. That’s a drop of 11 cents per gallon. (It should be noted that Sam’s Club actually sells a non-detergent lower grade gasoline.)

Some retail chains that were really socking it to consumers have dropped prices by a little more. Nevertheless, Southern California drivers in particular continue to get unfairly gouged.

All of this is happening as the price of crude oil has fallen below $50 per barrel.

At Friday’s close, crude oil was at $47.97 per barrel. That’s down from $60 per barrel in late June.

Here’s some average prices in neighboring states: Arizona – $2.811, Nevada – $3.259 and Oregon – $3.122.

Other state’s of note: Alaska – $3.443 and Hawaii – $3.312.