Sunday, June 21, 2015 – 09:55 a.m.

We almost missed it!

The long-running prosecution of the 2007 California Charter Academy indictment was in court two weeks ago, on June 12 to be exact, and guess what?

There was another continuance in the case, in which Former Hesperia Mayor Tad Honeycutt and California Charter Academy (CCA) founder Charles Steven Cox share a combined 117 felony charges for misappropriation of public funds, grand theft, tax evasion and filing a false tax return, court records show.

The case purportedly stems from an audit report commissioned by the California Department of Education released, in 2005, alleging conflict-of-interest transactions, eventually spurred the special grand jury investigation of the now-defunct CCA in 2007.

Cox was chief executive officer of CCA, which grew to be the largest charter school network in the state, as well Educational Administrative Services Corp., which handled the charter schools’ finances, according to reports.

Honeycutt ran Educational Administrative Services Corp. and was president of Maniaque Management Group Inc., which also contracted with the charters.

The case has been marred by a series of changes in judicial officers, as well as defense lawyers.

Remember the date of Friday, September 4, 2015. It’s the date this case will enter its 9th year of existence. The case date of incident is 2004, some eleven years ago.

The case is the responsibility of the San Bernardino County District Attorney.

All parties are set to return to court on July 2.