Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts’ county staff chased endorsements, attended political events, monitored political groups

By Joshua Stewart
Updated: May 11, 2015

SAN DIEGO — In a busy schedule packed with public appearances, meet-and-greets and speeches, county Supervisor Dave Roberts had his staff make sure they not only kept him abreast of his civic duties, but he also had county employees do political work on his behalf.

The lone Democrat on the board had his staff attend Republican meetings, accompany him to political fundraisers and help him secure endorsements.

“Can you fix these letters and print on blank paper and give only to me for signature & mailing?” Roberts wrote in a county email to a person on his staff. He attached three Microsoft Word documents containing letters requesting endorsements for re-election.

His former chief of staff, Glynnis Vaughan, described the office as “politicized” in her resignation letter. She worked for Roberts for just over four months before leaving the $151,008 position on April 14.

Roberts’ new chief of staff, Mel Millstein, said no inappropriate political work occurred in the office, but he said his perspective only dates back to Jan. 26, his first day working for the supervisor. He was hired as a legislative assistant and was promoted to chief of staff after Vaughan’s departure.

“Since January 26, to the best of my knowledge, staff was not engaging in inappropriate political work,” Millstein said in a statement. He said that if any county employee did any sort of political work in support of the supervisor, they did it as a volunteer and on their own time.

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