Thursday, April 23, 2015 – 10:00 p.m.

All sides of a contract dispute affecting San Bernardino County Nurses and Per Diem Nurses have given their blessing to a new contract that will run through July 2017.

County Supervisors gave formal approval of the agreement on Tuesday.

The new deal with a total cost of $15,060,811 provides for various compensation adjustments. The most important component to the agreement is a realignment of the salary tables affecting entry level and longevity compensation.

Some entry level steps saw minor reductions, while top steps will garner as much as 8.5% by December 2016.

For example, the annual salary range for a Registered Nurse II increased from $64,105.60 – $91,561.60 to $67,350.40 – $99,361.60, while the annual salary range for the highest paid unit classification of Clinical Nurse Specialist will increase from $80,017.60 – $110,739.20 to $81,224.00 – $120,182.40.

Eligible unit members will also see two bonuses of 1% each, in addition to small increases in a medical premium subsidy.

A few months ago, a breakdown in negotiations resulted in a short strike. That concerted labor action propelled a restart of fruitful negotiations.

The California Nurses Association is the only county union to secure a significant compensation package over the past several years.

To read the Board of Supervisors minute order, click the following link: SBCO-CNA 2014-17 MOU Minute Order

To read the new collective bargaining agreement, click the following link: SBCO-CNA 2014-17 MOU