Drought Watch

By Chris Megerian
April 16, 2015

With criticism of new conservation regulations pouring in from local officials, Gov. Jerry Brown and other state leaders defended Thursday his executive order requiring a 25% reduction in water use.

“From everything I can see here, it’s attainable,” Brown said. “Maybe we can do more. Maybe we have to do it differently. We don’t do it all in one day.”

Brown made his comments in the Capitol after a meeting with business leaders to discuss the ongoing drought that spurred his unprecedented order for mandatory water restrictions across the state.

Tim Quinn, executive director of the Assn. of California Water Agencies, said there will be “a complainer here or there” when it comes to the new rules.

But, he said, “We’re going to accomplish that goal. Not without complaint, but we’re going to accomplish that goal because it needs to be accomplished.”

The State Water Resources Control Board has received more than 200 letters in response to a preliminary draft of Brown’s drought regulations. Under the draft, communities would face cuts of 10% to 35%, depending on how much water they currently use.

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