Francis Pusok - Mug Shot Photo

Deputies surround Francis Jared Pusok on Thursday, April 9, 2015, in Apple Valley, as seen in a image from helicopter video from NBC 4. Pusok is suspected of stealing the horse seen in the video. Ten deputies have been put on leave in the case. They apparently beat and Tased Pusok during the takedown. (Image from YouTube video)

By Beatriz Valenzuela, San Bernardino Sun
Posted: 04/13/15 – 7:44 AM PDT |

Francis Pusok, the Apple Valley man seen beaten by sheriff’s deputies on news video following a pursuit, was released on bail Sunday, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s booking information shows.

Ten deputies were placed on paid administrative leave after the video captured several deputies kicking and punching Pusok while he was lying on the ground in an apparent attempt to surrender in the desert in the Deep Creek area last Thursday. In a press conference, Sheriff John McMahon called the video “disturbing” and ordered an immediate investigation.

The video also led to a federal investigation by the FBI to determine whether civil rights were violated during the pursuit and altercation.

“The results of the review will be forwarded to the United States Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California, and the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, in Washington, D.C., to determine whether further investigation and/or prosecution is warranted,” according to a statement released by the federal agency.

During Friday’s news conference, McMahon asked the public to be patient as the department conducts its investigation into the use-of-force.

“It appears in the beginning (Pusok’s) hands were behind his back, then his hands moved, there is some information that he may be kicking at one point, regardless, at the end of the day it appears to be excessive,” he said.

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