By Joe Nelson, The Sun
Posted: 04/08/15, 7:38 PM PDT

Service Employees International Union Local 721 dealt another blow to San Bernardino County’s largest labor union when it announced Wednesday that 671 Superior Court employees would be leaving the San Bernardino Public Employees Association and joining the SEIU.

The announcement came after an election was held at the San Bernardino Justice Center, where 386 ballots were cast, 63 from employees of the court’s support services unit and 323 from court reporters. Sixty-two court reporters voted for SEIU representation and only one voted for SBPEA representation, while 191 court reporters voted for SEIU, 123 for SBPEA, five for no representation, and four votes were void.

It means that all 68 court reporters initially represented by SBPEA will now be represented by SEIU, and all 603 of the court’s support services employees initially represented by SBPEA are now being represented by SEIU.

“Today the men and women from the court reporters and support services unit demonstrated they are ready to uplift their work and their families. SEIU Local 721 is ecstatic to welcome our newest members and hit the ground running so we can make big things happen,” said Bob Schoonover, president of SEIU Local 721, in an email Wednesday.

SBPEA General Manager Deidre Rodriguez said in an email Wednesday that the union was disappointed, but respects the decision of its former members.

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