Reality Check

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 – 09:30 a.m.

California Governor Jerry Brown says he’s forcing residents to cut water use in light of the drought-induced water shortage.

Well maybe Brown needs a dose of reality, and possibly a calculator.

Currently, Brown intends on extracting a 20-percent reduction in state water consumption on the backs of residential users, while leaving the agriculture industry untouched.

I’ll be generous and use a range, and not exact percentages.

The state’s agriculture business uses roughly 70%-80% of available water that’s captured.

Residential customers use 20%-30% of water supplies.

Brown and his executive order has exempted farmers and growers.

So in essence, the statewide savings of 20-percent is going to be derived entirely from non-agricultural users. Put another way, the population uses around 3/10 of the water supply, at most, is suppose to curtail its water usage by 2/10 of supply.

This leaves 1/10 of supply available for use.

If the Governor believes this will happen he can think again.

There’s already stinging criticism that the Almond industry, by itself, uses 10% of the water supply.

Expect a revised water plan.