GOP - Shooting Itself in Head

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By Jim Miller
03/31/2015 2:06 PM

Republicans’ voter registration ranks continue to slip, with no-party preference voters now outnumbering Republicans in 13 counties and more than a third of the state’s cities, state numbers released this week show.

Since last fall, independent voters have overtaken Republicans in Humboldt County and in Burbank, Dublin and several other cities. No-party preference voters outnumber GOP registrants in 172 cities, according to Monday’s report from the Secretary of State’s Office.

Independent voters outnumber Democrats in 14 cities, but not in any county, the records show.

As of Feb. 20, Republicans made up 27.98 percent of the electorate, down a percentage point since February 2013. Republicans are the dominant party affiliation in 31 counties and 167 cities, including Bakersfield, Santa Clarita and Huntington Beach.

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