John Pomierski+Dan Richards

Former Upland Mayor and convicted felon John Pomierski signs a copy of his book From Country Club to Federal Prison, his new book about life behind bars, for Dan Richards, of Upland, Monday March 30, 2015 at the Grove Theater in Upland. (Will Lester — Staff Photographer)

By Liset Marquez, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Posted: 03/30/15, 8:44 PM PDT

UPLAND >> Family, friends, supporters and even a San Bernardino County supervisor were at the Grove Theater on Monday evening to mark the launch of former Mayor John Pomierski’s new book.

Pomierski, who was convicted of taking a bribe while in office, self-published the book, “From Country Club to Federal Prison Camp: A Former Mayor’s Guide to Survival Based on his Time Spent in Federal Prison Camp.”

During the two-hour event, Pomierski read from his book, answered questions and signed copies.

“Every day is a new journey and a new experience,” Pomierski told the more than 40 people who had gathered in the lobby of the theater for the signing.

He also shared how humbling the past couple of years have been.

“I feel so fortunate, so lucky that I have family and friends that helped me when I came out. That I had plans, and I had this as a tool to start my new journey,” he said as he pointed to his book.

Across the street from the book signing, a small group of protesters, who declined to comment, held up a sign that read: “He’s a crook, don’t buy his book.”

The seven protesters shouted out “crook” as Pomierski walked into the venue.

Pomierski was released from Taft Federal Correctional Institution on April 29, five months early. Since then, he has gone back to work in the construction industry.

Pomierski said the book is his way to help others who may find themselves in a similar situation.

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