Debra J. Saunders

By Debra J. Saunders
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 – Updated 3:54 pm

As Hillary Clinton took questions from the media about the personal e-mail account she used as secretary of state, I felt a flashback coming on. She said she simply chose to use a personal account with a personal server “for convenience.” I felt I had traveled back in time to 1998 Washington was screaming across the aisle. First lady Hillary Clinton charged that a “vast right-wing conspiracy” was behind stories that her husband had an affair with Monica Lewinsky. President Bill Clinton denied that he ever had “sexual relations” with the former intern.

Deep down, everyone knew that Bubba was lying. And he was lying. Judge Susan Webber Wright eventually would fine Clinton for giving “intentionally false” testimony during depositions with attorneys representing plaintiff Paula Jones, whose sexual harassment lawsuit nonetheless tanked.

Up until the president was forced to admit that he lied about Lewinsky, partisans who surely suspected otherwise vehemently argued that Clinton had been truthful. When that ruse crumbled, the knee-jerk defenders used cable news as a nonstop forum for odd debates meant to distract from the core issue.

Did “real people” really care?

Was oral sex sex?

Why should the public care about what the president did if his wife stood by him?

Tuesday Hillary Clinton said she set up a private e-mail account simply because it seemed more convenient than carrying two phones — which in her world probably translates into having an aide carry two phones. She said she deleted private e-mails only. By the way, half of the 60,000 plus e-mails on the account were personal. Oh, and she deleted them. If she had it to do all over again, she would not have used a private account with a private server, but when she made the decision, the one-time Rose Law Firm attorney said, “this didn’t seem like an issue.”

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