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Feb. 22, 2015 – 4:25 p.m.

SANTA ANA — Former state Sen. Lou Correa raised multiple questions about mistakes and possible fraud in his narrow loss to Andrew Do for Orange County supervisor, but he said it would be too costly to try to overturn the results in a court.

Correa, who lost to Do by 43 votes in the Jan. 27 special election, praised Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley, despite the questions.

“Inevitiably, some mistakes will be made, and we found that to have been the case in this election.” Correa said. “But that does not detract from the consistently commendable job that the registrar’s office performs in conducting this and other elections in Orange County.”

A review of about a dozen precincts failed to budge the election results either way, which led Correa to seek a review of the election materials used in the election.

Correa noted about 400 absentee ballots were trashed because the voter did not sign the back of the envelope.

“On almost half of these ballots, however, the voters had handwritten their name and address elsewhere on the ballot envelope, typically in the return address position on the front of the envelope, and it was fairly apparent from a comparison with the person’s affidavit of registration that the vote-by-mail ballot had indeed been submitted by the proper individual,” Correa said in a statement sent to City News Service.

“Moreover, in reviewing the ballot envelopes for the votes that had been counted by the Registrar’s office, we found about a dozen ballots that fell into exactly the same category, yet these votes were counted and included in the official vote tally. Either all of these ballots should have been counted, or none of them should have been counted.”

Another issue with some ballots involved the postmarked date on them.

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