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By Jon Ortiz
02/09/2015 7:50 PM

Payroll costs for California Highway Patrol officers grew an average 11 percent per employee last year, new state data show, fueled by a mandated raise, more overtime and the end of furloughs in 2013.

Meanwhile, the number of officers was down nearly 2 percent from the previous year.

Officers’ total pay averaged $118,302 in 2014, an increase of $13,016 per employee. The figure includes all forms of wages, such as hourly pay and fitness pay, issued through the California State Controller’s Office. Overtime pay per officer also rose 11 percent to an average $15,241.

By law, pay for members of the California Association of Highway Patrolmen is based each year on the average total compensation of corresponding ranks in the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, the San Diego Police Department, the Oakland Police Department and the San Francisco Police Department.

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