By David Siders
01/29/2015 3:36 PM

SAN FRANCISCO – Even as it was reported that state investigators seized computers and other items from Michael Peevey’s home, Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday offered only praise for the former president of the California Public Utilities Commission.

“With the new concerns about Mr. Peevey,” Brown was asked at a news conference, “how confident are you in the work that the PUC has done in the past and is doing now?”

Brown responded by asking in what areas the reporter meant, and was told “just generally.”

Said Brown, “Well … I once moved some furniture and the fellow tried to charge me too much and I was able to cite a PUC rate tariff and got a 50 percent reduction, so I have a lot of confidence that the PUC does a lot of very good work, particularly in the renewable energy field.”

He added, “And in that regard Mr. Peevey has been a real champion in advancing the state’s environmental goals.”

Brown’s remarks came hours after the San Francisco Chronicle reported that agents with the state attorney general’s office executed a search warrant Tuesday at the home of Peevey and his wife, state Sen. Carol Liu.

The agents also seized items from the home of former PG&E executive Brian Cherry, according to the newspaper.

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