GOP - Shooting Itself in Head

Monday, January 26, 2015 – 09:00 a.m.

You gotta hand it to the GOP.

If there’s one concept the Republican Party has really developed a fine skill for, it’s committing political suicide.

Let’s take a look at recent events.

Fresh off a sweeping election victory handing the party control of the U.S. Congress, the GOP does the following;

  • Takes on the highly-polarizing and unpopular abortion issue to the point the proposed bill language divided party members. Even though abortion is, and has been for decades, settled law in the courts.
  • Admits it really isn’t going to doing anything productive on securing the border, or unwinding President Obama’s executive order on immigration.
  • Admits it really won’t doing anything helpful in reforming and refining The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
  • Some party members are in favor of increasing the Federal Excise Tax on Fuels. The Highway Trust fund is empty after being repeatedly raided. So much for “Trust”.

Then comes California Republicans, fresh off removing Democratic super-majorities in both the Senate and Assembly.

There brain child? Mount an attack on gay rights.

Up next we have the Republican National Committee (RNC).

With a likely Corn Field full of candidates ranging from the polarizing Ultra-Conservative “Bible-Thumpers” to the indecisive Moderates, the RNC says it wants to avoid the usual heavy blood-letting that usually occurs in Presidential Primary cycles.

So what does the RNC do?

Instead of having three to five primary debates, they announce there will be nine.

Yes, I said nine. As in nine droning, jab-filled, back-stabbing cat fights.

Talk about a listless political party that can’t find its way. It’s embarrassing.

It’s not the party of “No”. It’s the party of “No Message”, with a little more than 21 months until Election day.

Barring a meltdown, Hillary Clinton will clean house in 2016.