By Leslie Parrilla, San Bernardino Sun
Posted: 01/13/15, 6:51 PM PST |

Colton officials have approved the hiring of a finance manager as part of the city’s effort to improve overseeing its finances.

The Colton City Council voted unanimously this month to authorize recruitment for a finance manager.

The position would pay from $7,559 to $9,188 a month and has been vacant since Aug. 28, 2014, when the previous finance manager resigned, according to a city report. Most management positions are paid from the budgets of various city departments, depending on how much work the employee does for each department.

The finance manager’s salary would be paid with 35 percent coming from the general fund or a maximum of $55,315, 30 percent from the electric fund, 11 percent each from the water and wastewater utility funds, and the remainder from risk management, information services and the successor agency.

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