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By Liset Marquez, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Posted: 01/12/15, 10:25 PM PST | Updated: 40 secs ago

UPLAND >> The City Council on Monday night gave City Manager Rod Butler the approval to go forward with considering 15 remaining task force recommendations and a goal-setting workshop.

The goal of the recommendations is to help the city save money.

Councilman Glenn Bozar told Butler that he felt there were items on the task force that he can act on now, such as the issues involving the animal shelter.

“You need to color-code those, or whatever, which come under your purview to do something with,” Bozar said. “The city manager has been given authority prior, to do this kind of action.”

The remaining 15 items on the list will be going to the council for direction in the next few months. But the recommendations were delayed the last few months because of the change in the city manager and a member of the council.

The goal a year ago for the 10-member task force was to identify the top recommendations — out of 47 — that could help generate up to $7 million in savings to the city’s general fund.

Butler said the purpose of the workshop would be to develop longterm goals for each department, Butler said. The council agreed that the workshop would be held no later than the first week of March.

“We would like to take that input in our workshop and incorporate it into our budget for 2015-2016. make sure the projects and priorities mentioned by the council get included in the budget we’re putting together,” he said.

Butler said he would bring in a profession facilitator to serve as the moderator.

“Someone who is experienced working with elected officials, who can keep the discussion on track and help us arrive at that we specific, clear goals and objectives that we can really use,” he said.

In addition, staff will also attend the meeting so that the council can be getting input from the executive team – in terms of their goals and big project.

The workshop would be open to the public, Butler said.

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