Affordable Care Act

By Cheryl K. Chumley – The Washington Times
Monday, December 22, 2014

Republicans say they have the will to bring down Obamacare — and many are eyeing a little-known, little-used budget too called “reconciliation” to do so.

The tool would let the newly elected majority of GOPers in the Senate pass a repeal measure with 51 votes, rather than the normal 60, The Hill reported. President Obama would then have to deal with the repeal package on his desk — and while he isn’t likely to sign it, he would have to face the public relations message the Republican Party would send.

And of benefit to Republicans: Sending the repeal to the president would strike a sharp contrast between the two political parties at a time when voters will be mulling the next White House selection.

“My guidance is that’s where members are headed,” said one senior-level Senate Republican aide who’s privy to much of the behind-the-scenes’ discussions, The Hill reported.

Already, Republicans — and some Democrats — seem by and large supportive of undoing smaller aspects of Obamacare that aren’t palatable to the American public, or aren’t translating well from paper to reality. A couple of examples: Both parties seem amenable to restoring the definition of a full-time workweek as 40 hours, as well as repealing the medical device tax, The Hill reported.

But “reconciliation” and a simple majority vote to repeal the entire law is making its way through the minds of Republicans both on and outside of Capitol Hill as a viable tool, The Hill said.

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