Wednesday, December 17, 2104 – 10:30 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, December 17, 2014 – 01:30 p.m.

Another prosecution gone wrong. Another person’s life and reputation damaged.

It’s an increasingly common event in San Bernardino County.

The familiar reckless pattern of dismissed criminals charges and acquittals, arising from questionable cases, has claimed its latest victim.

Amy Bramlett, 46, a teacher in the San Bernardino City Unified School District, arrested in September, suspended without pay, and reputation destroyed, after a Sheriff’s Detective and the District Attorney’s office filed a case that falsely accused her of having sex with one current, and one former High School student.

The felony charges against her were abruptly dismissed this week, after it was revealed both accusers made up their stories. It was also revealed that the investigating officer, with the Sheriff’s Department, actually encouraged one accuser to implicate Bramlett. The same deputy also attempted to pressure the same accuser to not recant his story.

Both agencies have taken the position that there was “insufficient evidence” to proceed.

Well from the cheap seats it looks like there was never any evidence to proceed, other than two unsubstantiated claims. There were no “pre-text” phone calls between the accusers and alleged suspect, arranged by law enforcement, to obtain admissions. There was no physical evidence.

Nothing! Nada! Zip!

Yet this case was filed and Bramlett arrested.

It’s no secret the Sheriff and District Attorney campaigned for election as a ticket last June, are close friends, cover each other’s rear end, and coordinate press opportunities to benefit each other. Let’s not forget the obvious conflict of interest.

Where are they now? Apologies anyone?

One couldn’t hear a church mouse within the deafening silence.

Michael Scafiddi, Bramlett’s lawyer, arranged a press conference to help clear his client’s name. He hammered away at the Sheriff’s Department. But he gave the prosecutor a pass.

I guess the prosecutor, a member of The State Bar possessing a Juris Doctor Degree, was duped.

Were sure Scafiddi doesn’t want to alienate those in local criminal profession, which he must work with. It’s a common theme in San Bernardino County. But nevertheless the county folks can’t be happy about the news coverage of this screwup. All the local newspapers ran Bramlett’s mug shot every chance that presented itself. They even used it this week for God’s sake.

But then again that’s the Inland papers for you. Newspapers, without scruples, that continue to cover for a choice few.

Bramlett will now seek a “finding of factual innocence” from the court, which she will righfully receive.

The finding will result in her arrest record, court docket, and booking records being electronically erased, and paperwork destroyed. But unfortunately that doesn’t erase all the news stories floating on the Internet.

The whole ordeal casts another stain on local law enforcement management competency and arrogance.

It’ll be interestng to see how much county supervisors are forced to pay Bramlett for this fiasco.

At least her employer seems to be stepping up big time to bring her back and help rehabilitate her standing.

It’s a good start.