Brendan Brandt


By David Allen, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Posted: 11/25/14, 3:19 PM PST | Updated: 31 secs ago

Brendan Brandt is leaving the Upland City Council in characteristic fashion: quietly.

Monday was his last full meeting after a dozen years as a councilman. Moments before the meeting began, I went up to say hello and ask if we could talk afterward.

That was careful planning on my part. When the meetings are done, Brandt tends to vanish like Lamont Cranston, only without the laugh. He prefers his family to glad-handing.

Councilman Glenn Bozar didn’t know this was it for Brandt until overhearing our conversation. It’d been five months since I’d been in Upland City Hall, having turned my attention to Ontario, but apparently they still need me.

The meeting unfolded in typical style — a gaffe by the mayor, a dozen public comments, some of them outlandish, and moments of pathos and humor — and I have to say, being there again was like slipping on a comfortable shoe.

A few highlights:

• Carol Timm, who was elected Nov. 4 to replace Brandt, led the Pledge of Allegiance at Mayor Ray Musser’s request.

• A presentation about the 8th annual Homeless Summit lasted approximately as long as the Michael Brown press conference.

• Firefighter Joe Barna talked about Movember, in which men worldwide grow mustaches during November to raise awareness and funds for men’s health initiatives. Thirty Upland, Montclair and Rancho Cucamonga firemen are taking part under the team name Smoldering Staches. The mustache, Barna quipped, “is at the core of all things manly,” citing Tom Selleck, Wyatt Earp and Ron Burgundy as exemplars.

• The next speaker, former council candidate Bill Scheussler, happens to wear a mustache. “It took me 10 years to grow this,” Scheussler noted.

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