By Sandra Emerson, Redlands Daily Facts
Posted: 10/25/14, 6:31 PM PDT | Updated: 41 secs ago

REDLANDS >> The amount of money flowing into the City Council race at this point has nearly reached $180,000, of which $18,528 was raised this month, according to campaign finance reports.

Five of the six candidates running for three seats on the council in the Nov. 4 election recently filed their latest campaign contributions and expenditures covering the period Oct. 1-18. It was the second filing by candidates since August when the candidates were announced.

John Montgomery, owner of The Grand Tattoo Lodge and Alla Prima Ink LLC in Redlands, has vowed not to raise more than $1,000, making him the only candidate without campaign finance reports.

“If I was running for Congress or state Assembly where you need staff and that kind of thing, I would raise money,” Montgomery said, “but being that this is a nonpartisan, small-town city council and it’s a community position — I think the best way to do it is to go out and meet people in the community and be active in the community, not just putting signs up and hoping that people vote for you.”

Montgomery said he has turned down $10,000 to $15,000 in potential contributions.

The contributions received and expenditures made by each council candidate Oct. 1-18:

• Paul Barich: $11,572 in contributions and $9,253 spent.

• Neil Derry: $1,200 in contributions and $3,930 spent.

• Jane Dreher: $3,875 in contributions and $10,066 spent.

• Paul Foster: $5,823 in contributions and $7,853 spent.

• Jon Harrison: $8,431 in contributions and $10,583 spent.

The Redlands Residents Against Corruption, Opposing Neil Derry for City Council 2014 reported $10,097 in contributions and $17,241 spent.

Barich, owner of Barich & Associates in Redlands, has received $42,339 in contributions since Jan. 1 and spent $34,944 on campaign materials and services.

His largest contributions since Oct. 1 include $5,000 from county Supervisor James Ramos, $1,800 from Redlands Ford, $1,000 from Theresa Larsen of Idaho, $1,500 from San Bernardino Public Employees Association PAC, and $500 from Tom Bell, owner of Tom Bell Chevrolet in Redlands.

Barich has loaned his campaign $20,000 since Jan. 1.

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