IE Business Daily

October 25, 2014

Who knew that the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians had significant interest in the quiet little town of Redlands? The tribe, which has a large casino on reservation land North of San Bernardino is taking great interest in the Redlands City Council election, and spending big money too.

County Supervisor and former Tribal Chairman James Ramos has become the single largest donor in the City of Redlands, donating $2,500 to four different candidates even though there are only three seats up for election. Additionally, Ramos has participated directly in fundraising for a Political Action Committee which is targeting former County Supervisor and City Council Candidate Neil Derry.

The California Homeowners Association PAC, which has nothing to do with the actual nonprofit organization with the same name, is operated as a front for independent expenditures by Ramos consultant Gilliard Blanning and Associates. The PAC received nearly $10,000 from San Manuel Tribal members over the last month and spent $25,000 in opposition to Derry.

One must ask what the sudden interest in Redlands City Hall is for San Manuel and a few of its members. It is certainly unusual for a County Supervisor to inject himself in a city council race.

Neil Derry, as a City Council member in San Bernardino represented the area next to the reservation. He vehemently opposed the construction of the Casino in the back yard of his constituents, one of the last decent neighborhoods in the City at the time that valued its foothill views and quiet streets.

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