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By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 08/25/14, 6:30 PM PDT | Updated: 6 mins ago

SAN BERNARDINO >> The statements voters will find on their ballots arguing for and against changing the city charter are decided.

The arguments in favor of both proposed amendments are signed by Cal State San Bernardino economics professor Thomas Pierce, who was on the citizen committee that recommended the two measures voters will see and three others, Mayor Carey Davis, and three council members who supported the 4-3 vote to put these measures on the ballot — Virginia Marquez, Fred Shorett and Rikke Van Johnson.

The opposition to Measure Q — which would set police and firefighter salaries by collective bargaining instead of the average of 10 like-sized cities — is signed by Amelia Sanchez-Lopez, community advocate; Vinson Gates Jr., retired fire captain; Ronald Coats, business owner and citizen; Jim Eble, community advocate; and Marie Negrete, community leader.

No one filed an argument against Measure R by Thursday’s deadline, according to the city clerk’s office. If passed, that measure would remove the requirement that the city pay terminated employees until the civil service board hears their case.

“This simply doesn’t make sense,” states the argument for the change. “The City and its taxpayers should not be forced to pay an employee that lost his or her job due to disciplinary reasons simply because the employee is appealing the decision.”

The arguments for and against Measure Q’s change to Section 186 follow the same lines as arguments given over the past several months, but in fewer than 300 words each.

“In every other city in California, the salaries of public safety employees are determined by collective bargaining and City Council resolution,” Measure Q’s backers begin. “Only in the City of San Bernardino is this not the case. Our City Charter dictates that outside forces will determine the salaries of our public safety employees.”

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