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The Atlantic: California High-Speed Rail—More Questions and Concerns

High-Speed Rail

The Atlantic

“Bad, bad, bad,” and other critiques
James Fallows
Aug 24 2014, 11:30 PM ET

If David Letterman can put out a Top Ten list night after night for decades, we can certainly make it all the way to 10 in our chronicles of the California High-Speed Rail debates. As a reminder, this is No. 8 in a series on the most ambitious and consequential infrastructure project now under consideration in our infrastructure-degraded land. It is the plan for a north-south California High-Speed Rail system, which had its genesis before Jerry Brown’s second coming as California’s governor but is now his signature project as he runs for reelection to an unprecedented fourth term. For previous installments see No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 6, and No. 7.

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Dan Walters

By Dan Walters
Published: Monday, Aug. 25, 2014 – 12:22 am
Last Modified: Monday, Aug. 25, 2014 – 12:31 am

It’s no secret that quite a few state legislators actually live outside districts they represent even though state law and constitution require them to reside in their districts.

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Calpensions: Image-sensitive CalPERS has down week in media


By Ed Mendel
August 25, 2014

Last week was not a good one for CalPERS, which carefully tracks mentions of the giant pension system in the media and gives each story a rating of positive, neutral or negative.

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Jerry Brown+Rick Perry

California Gov. Jerry Brown, left, recently launched the California Competes incentive program. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, right, has touted the Texas Enterprise Fund as a “job-creation machine.” (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press and Mengwen Cao / Associated Press)

By Chris Kirkham
August 24, 2014

When California rolled out a $750-million plan this year to attract and retain businesses, many aspects mirrored longtime perks used by Texas — where officials love nothing more than stealing jobs from the Golden State.

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By Nick Anderson
August 25, 2014  at 12:01 AM

The top universities in the latest rankings look much the same as they did a year ago, with only slight ups and downs.

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