Murder Body Outline

Sunday, July 20, 2014 – 12:00 p.m.

Bankrupt San Bernardino, California had forty-six murders in 2013. It’s not a nice statistic for the troubled city of just over 200,00 residents.

This year the community has already chalked up thirty-one deaths at the hands of another. Most of them being gang-related.

It’s a pace that’s likely to have the city exceed the all-time-record from the 1990’s. I believe the current record is fifty-six.

Does anyone remember the police union selling those Vulture t-shirts back then?

Now officials, of the broken street light, pot hole-infested city, quietly cross their collective fingers, hoping shooting victims don’t pass away and add to the current year stat.

All of this is happening while, behind-the-scenes, elected officials discuss possible cuts to the police force. Yes, I said cuts!

So far, the city has been focused on haggling over making diminimous changes to the governing charter, instead of long-term fixes to revenue. At this point no tax measures will appear on the November ballot.

I guess the situation could be worse. Just check out the murder rate for Chicago, Illinois.