Gallup Obama Ratings - 061314

Post Politics
By Sean Sullivan
June 13, 2014

At least three polls released this week showed President Obama’s favorability rating hitting new lows.

In his first term, his favorable rating held steady even as his job approval rating slipped. But that’s no longer true.

Fifty-two percent of Americans said they held an unfavorable view of Obama, according to a Gallup poll released Thursday. Forty-seven percent said they held a favorable opinion of him. The five-point net negative favorable rating is a new low for Obama in Gallup polling.

The new CNN/ORC International poll showed something nearly identical, with Obama’s favorable rating at 47 percent (a new low for Obama during his presidency in in CNN/ORC polling) and his unfavorable rating at 51 percent. A Bloomberg National poll pegged Obama’s favorability rating at 44 percent.

So what gives? For starters, Obama has been going through yet another rough patch in his presidency lately.

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