Los Angeles Clippers

A confidant of Donald Sterling says firms hired by the Clippers owner have dug up “dirt” on other NBA executives.

James Rainey
June 13, 2014

Clippers owner Donald Sterling has hired four firms to dig up embarrassing information about NBA executives and fellow team owners, according to a person familiar with the latest escalation in Sterling’s seven-week battle to maintain control of his team.

Sterling’s confidant claims the firms already have uncovered allegations of racial discrimination by NBA officials that are as bad as comments Sterling made suggesting he did not want to see blacks at Clippers games. The Sterling ally, who declined to be named when discussing Donald’s legal strategy, said he was not ready to reveal the early findings.

The league has repeatedly suggested it has done nothing wrong and that Sterling is trying to distract from his own failures. Sterling plans to use the investigators’ findings to bolster a lawsuit that seeks up to $1 billion in damages, alleging the NBA has treated him more harshly than others affiliated with the league.

He has spread the work out to four firms instead of just one in an attempt to expand and expedite the reach of his inquiry. Each has been told it can bill up to $50,000 to produce results over the next 30 days.

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