Sunday, June 8, 2014 – 12:00 p.m.

Some ominous business activity is raising questions over the actual health of the East San Bernardino Valley business climate.

The San Manuel Vand of Mission Indians, Sportswatch Bar and Grill, located in Highland, abruptly closed on May 31.

Sadly, the establishments employees were clueless, as to the place closing, just two days prior.

First, the place always had an army of employees working, with little or no customers in the place, not-to-mention a somewhat shady element for a crowd, at times.

This meant labor costs, as a percentage of controlable expenses, had to be atrocious.

Secondly, the pricing point for the East Valley seemed too high. Remember that much of the area is low income. The expensive menu also likely hurt. This place wasn’t cheap by any stretch, and Tribal Member patronage couldn’t support it.

A bigger surprise is Elephant Bar is set to close its San Bernardino location. The restaurant is one of eight being shuttered, by its parent company.

The restaurant located on Hospitality Lane, which was rumored to close over a year ago, actually remained open. But that was until this weeks news.

This is likely another price point issue. But the continued deterioration in San Bernardino’s Hospitality Business District probably didn’t help the situation either.

While there’a a number of smaller-sized area establishments opening and closing, one has to wonder just how strong the local economy really is?