IE Business Daily

By IE Business Daily
June 7, 2014

Democrat Pete Aguilar survived the race for second place to make the runoff against Republican Paul Chabot in the 31st Congressional Race.

Aguilar, the Democratic Party’s chosen candidate, bested Republican Leslie Gooch by a mere 183 votes or a margin of .0035 percent of the 51,623 votes cast. The Democrat was assisted by a relentless set of attack ads on radio and in mailboxes against Gooch in the last week of the election by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Gooch had been in single digits in polls weeks out due to a late campaign start which gave her other Republican opponent, Paul Chabot the opportunity to gather early support among Republican voters in an election heavily weighted to vote-by-mail voters. Gooch was also hurt by Democrat Eloise Gomez Reyes’ aggressive campaign to women of both parties. Gooch’s late campaign obviously made significant headway in the last two weeks causing fire alarms among Democrats in Washington, DC.

The Democratic Party was desperate to avoid a repeat of the 2012 debacle where Republicans finished first and second and voided a possible pick up for Democrats desperately trying to retake the House of Representatives. The brutal negative campaign by Democrats against Gooch was apparently successful in halting Gooch’s rising momentum and prevented Pete Aguilar, who has raised $1 million so far, from a second embarrassment of a third place finish as he did in 2012.

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